Japan Mine Action Service

JAPAN MINE ACTION SERVICE (JMAS) is a Japanese organization which has a small branch stationed in Chuuk State. Their task here in Chuuk is to clean or retrieve the oil spillage from the World War II wrecks that is polluting the marine life in Chuuk Lagoon.

Besides their main task, they offered to train Chuuk Historic Preservation Officers in diving and 3D Photogrammetry. They also offered to help Chuuk Historic Preservation Office with 3D Photogrammetry, shipwreck monitoring, and conducting site survey on each shipwrecks. The 3D models are for comparison in the future if there will be any changes on each shipwrecks.

They have recently just moved back to Japan on July 2023 and hopefully they return next year February 2023. Before they left they were kind enough to lend us all their diving gears and equipments along with other belongings.