The Chuuk State Historic Preservation Office (Chuuk HPO) is a division of the
Department of Administration Services (DAS) in the Chuuk State Government. Below are the staff who carry out historic preservation in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia.

Ranger Walter
Chuuk State Historic Preservation Officer

Mr. Walter Ranger is the Chuuk State Historic Preservation Officer responsibility in supervising all employees and activities of Chuuk Historic Preservation Office under the direction of Chief of Commerce & Industry, authorize, recruit employees and other short term professional service, permit and assist foreign person/professionals coming to Chuuk to the right channel for conduct survey of historical, archaeological and cultural sites and properties in Chuuk State and outer islands of Chuuk, and monitor all Historic Sites and the Ship Wrecks in Chuuk State.

Stanson Stanley
Historic Preservation Specialist

Mr. Stanley is responsible for the clerical duties for the Chuuk Historic Preservation Office, receives and log incoming and outgoing correspondence, scheduling appointment for all the Chuuk HPO staff and responsible for HPO daily time and attendance, collection and storage of artifacts, tour guide monitoring the wrecks and assist the professor and researchers on land and underwater.

Dekson Kofot
Field Researcher

Mr. Tafot is responsible in conducting historic sites surveys in the villages around Chuuk and outer islands of Chuuk, acts as liaison officer between Historic Preservation and community leaders, interviews and seeks information from local historians, municipal leaders and landowners in order to enhance project sites which are funded by either the local or federal government and provide recommendations to the HP Officer and prepare survey reports and other required reports.